Facts About Alcohol

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

Alcohol is metabolized by the body at a precise rate per hour. Find out the time ethanol (alcohol) takes to exit your system, including a simple calculator to predict it.

Dry Red Wines

Explore the most popular types of dry red wines from around the world plus discover how these fine wines are actually made.

Slang Names For Alcohol

A selection of popular slang terms and nicknames used to describe alcohol, as well as where the terms originated.

What Are Cocktail Dresses?

Detailed guidance to what a cocktail dress is as well as what styles of dress will suit you the most.

Bartender Tips & Tricks

From basic tips through to bartender tricks, follow our guide to improving your bartending skills.

Popular Tequila Brands

Information on the most popular tequila brands including some recipes to make perfect drinks of your own.

Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal

Information on the common side effects an individual can experience when giving up alcohol. Discover the common symptoms and how they can be avoided.

The Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning

Spot the early signs of alcohol poisoning and find out what to do if you suspect somebody has it. Avoid the potentially lethal effects of poisoning.