What we offer

DrinkFox is a worldwide resource aimed at helping our visitor's make smarter choices when consuming alcohol. We achieve this by providing fact based information about how drinking affects the body, as well as various interactive tools to help understand your intake.


We’ve been upgraded

April 2019 saw the 3rd major upgrade of DrinkFox. As well as changing the look and feel of the website, we have made significant improvements to the drink tools for quicker and easier usage.

Tool changes

  • Regional settings - personalize tool options based on your country.
  • Quick drinks - generic drinks are now based on your location.
  • Custom/brand selection - we've now combined these for ease of use.
  • AI integration - we regularly recalculate the most likely choices of data such as ABV’s/measurements based on usage.

Drinks database

All drinks data used for our tools is now based on the upgraded drink brands collection. We’ve recognised that brands differ based on location, i.e. alternative ABV’s/measurements in different regions. We now incorporate this data into our tools give a better user experience.

Our mission

We've been online for 9 years, and in that time our user base has doubled each year. We'd like to continue this trend by achieving the following;

  • Staying relevant by ensuring all the information we provide is up to date.
  • Growing our resources by continuously adding useful content.
  • Helping our readers by providing a great user experience.
  • Listening to our users, you can contact us anytime with queries.
  • Respecting your privacy by informing how we collect data.

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