Our mission

DrinkFox is a worldwide resource with the sole aim of helping our visitor's make smarter choices when consuming alcohol. We strive to achieve this by providing intuitive interactive resources. We are very proud to have served millions of users in the last 11+ years.


Our Services


Our tools are focussed on calculating alcohol consumption, predicting metabolism rates and providing the ability to track the progress of this information. Why use our tools?

Our tools aim to make data input as simple as possible. To achieve this, we regularly attempt to predict default values based on user demographics.

We've made selecting drinks as flexible as possible. Select generic choices, fully custom selections or alternatively choose from our huge range of drink brands.

Each geographic location is different. We get this. That's why we aim to provide the most appropriate options for your location when you use our tools.

To enhance the experience of our Tools, we've put together a big collection of popular drink brands and its associated data. Here's a few examples of the way this is used;

It may not be immediately obvious, but different regions around the world produce alternative variations of the same drink at different alcohol strengths. We try and match the right ABV with your location.

When drinks are selected, we try and predict the volume of the drink based on previous user selections. For example, a popular wine brand will more likely be served in a common wine glass measurement verses a pint glass.

Because of the large amount of drink selections made on Drinkfox, we are working towards the ability to predict alternative drinks you may enjoy based on previous user submissions. This feature is currently in development so watch this space.

We've Upgraded v4.0

For our regular users, you may have noticed it's a little different round here. We’ve now upgraded to Version 4 of the Drinkfox website, the latest major revision since 2019. The look and feel of the site has changed slightly, with the biggest changes being to the Tools section. We'd love to know your feedback, you can contact us anytime with your thoughts or to report bugs.