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Aus Standard Drinks

12.7ml alcohol


30ml nip of 40% spirits


375 ml of 3.5% beer


100ml serving of 13% wine

Wine (100mL)

11.5% - 100mL

Wine (150mL)

13% - 150mL

Wine (150mL)

11.5% - 150mL

Beer (Middy)

4.5% - 285mL

Beer (Stubbie)

4.5% - 375mL

Beer (Schooner)

4.5% - 425mL

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BAC Results

  • Time until 0.00% BAC
  • Time until 0.05% BAC
Region Australia
State Unspecified
Metabolism rate
Legal drive limit 0.05
Zero tolerance -
Enhanced penalty -
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BAC levels under 0.02 would indicate no obvious side effects of alcohol consumption.

You are showing signs of slight euphoria, relaxation and reduced shyness - but no lack of co-ordination or attention.

Your alcohol level may cause exaggerated behaviour, impairment of judgement and reduced memory. Sensations of warmth and relaxation are likely at this point.

Slight impairment of speech, balance, vision and reaction time. At this point your judgement of self-control and reasoning is reduced.

You will experience significant impairment of motor coordination and lack of judgement. Your reaction time, balance & hearing will be impaired - as well as slurred speech.

You’ll experience major motor impairment and lack of physical control, with blurred vision and significant loss of balance.

Nausea will likely take effect at this point. The drinker will likely have the appearance of a sloppy drunk.

You may experience total mental confusion and need assistance with walking. Blackouts are possible alongside nausea and vomiting.

During this level of intoxication, you will likely suffer alcohol poisoning and potentially lose consciousness.

At this BAC level you may fall into a coma, or possible death due to respiratory arrest. This is a potentially fatal level of alcohol intake.

Next step: Understand your results

This tool provides a rough estimate of your BAC levels using a basic version of the Widmark Formula. To gain a better understanding about BAC dissipation rates, take a look at our alcohol metabolism guide which provides further information about how long alcohol stays in your system.

Alcohol Metabolism Info


This BAC calculator is for information purposes only. There are many variables that mean this tool cannot fully determine your BAC level, and therefore whether an individual is able to lawfully drive a vehicle. We strongly suggest that if you have any alcohol in your body: do not drive.

By using this tool, you acknowledge that any information presented may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

This tool employs a basic version of the Widmark Formula, which can be found below. The variables used in the formula can be expressed as; A = liquid ounces of alcohol consumed, W = your weight in pounds, r = a sex constant (.73 for men and .66 for women) and H = hours since your first drink.

Widmark Formula

%BAC = (A x 5.14 / (W x r)) - .015 x H

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