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DrinksAI FAQ


Description: This mode offers personalized alcoholic drink brand recommendations based on brands you currently enjoy.

Unique Features: Utilizes a vast database of millions of samples to find matches. It takes into account personal preferences and factors like age, gender, and location to tailor suggestions.

Ideal For: Individuals seeking recommendations based on their specific taste and demographic profile.


Description: This mode generates popular drink choices based on demographic data alone.

Unique Features: Recommendations are made based solely on the your age, location, and gender, without needing specific brand preferences.

Ideal For: Users interested in exploring popular choices among their demographic, looking for a surprise or something new outside their usual preferences.


Description: Tailored for health-conscious individuals, this mode suggests alcoholic brands with lower alcohol by volume (ABV) or fewer calories.

Unique Features: Based on your current preferred brands, it offers alternatives that are similar in taste but healthier in terms of alcohol content and caloric value.

Ideal For: Those who enjoy alcoholic beverages but are mindful of their alcohol intake and caloric consumption.

Brand Selection Access
  • Non-logged-in users can choose 1 brand.
  • Logged-in users can select up to 2 brands.
  • Pro members have access to select up to 5 brands.
Usage Limits Per Session
  • Non-logged-in users: 5 uses.
  • Logged-in users: 10 uses.
  • Pro members: 50 uses.

Is DrinksAI fully operational?

DrinksAI is currently in its BETA testing phase. This means it is a fully functioning tool, but still in the process of refinement. As with any BETA version, you may encounter some bugs or inaccuracies. This is a normal part of the testing process and is crucial for the further development of the tool.

Your feedback is important

Your feedback is invaluable in this stage of development. It helps us identify and fix bugs, improve the accuracy of our suggestions, and tailor the tool to better meet user needs. We appreciate your insights and encourage you to share your experiences, both positive and negative. Each piece of feedback is a stepping stone towards enhancing DrinksAI.