Since April 2019, the Drinkfox website has remained largely unchanged albeit a few minor tweaks here and there. During this time period, we have recognised that there are many changes that can be made to the website to improve the overall user experience. This is our main priority.

Therefore in the last few months, we have begun work on the next major revision of the website (v4.0). The process is still ongoing, and we hope to be in a position to release the new version in the next couple of months.

What’s changing?

The look and feel of Drinkfox will be slightly different. A little more intuitive and easier to navigate. Overall though this will largely remain similar to the current setup.

The major changes will be focussed on the Tools on offer – mainly the BAC Calculators and the BAC Reports. Here’s some high-level changes that are being planned;

BAC Calculator

  • Additional regional variations i.e., Canadian/New Zealand versions.
  • Data input will be more flexible. For example, text boxes instead of dropdowns, and the ability to select different metrics for weights/measurements.
  • A time picker to help determine hours since your first drink.
  • A new search facility for brands to improve usability.
  • Simplified way of amending your selected drinks to save time.

BAC Reports

  • To create a BAC Report, you’ll need to be logged in to Drinkfox (account registration required). The purpose of this is to increase the privacy options of who accesses your reports, and make it easier to retrieve active/archived reports.

We’d like your thoughts…

Before we go live with the upgrade, we’d like your thoughts.

  • Do you have any features you’d like added in to the upgrade?
  • Would you like to test a BETA version of the website before it goes live, and let us know what’s good and/or bad?

If the answer is yes to any of these, please visit the contact us page, and select the category “Upgrade Feedback (v4)”. We are open to suggestions, and if you’d like to try out the new version before it goes live, let us know and we’ll send a link nearer the time.